Uxmal – Mayan Magic


Gazing out over what remains of a once great civilization, so many questions arise.


Pyramid of the Soothsayer

Many of the answers remain a mystery today particularly what transpired to cause such a rapid and dramatic decline to this once powerful civilization?









Founded  around 700 AD the  Mayan center of Uxmal was the home of  approx. 25,000 people. It is said to be the most majestic of all the Mayan  cities. There is much Mayan mythology about the city once being ruled by Dwarfs.

I found it interesting that this center was built where there was no cenote for water as is the case with other site.



Getting up is the easy part.

We were extremely impressed at how well preserved and presented this UNESCO  location is and  our 3 hour walk about was very enlightening.

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Getting There:

Uxmal is 65 KMS south of Merida and there are many tours offered stopping here and the other sites on the Puuc Trail.

Johanne and I chose to take the local bus from downtown Merida- it takes about 1.5 hrs. and was  just a few dollars one way. There is also a local bus tour on Sundays

There is also very comfortable  accommodations and restaurants just as you enter the site. Maybe stay a few days and experience this area by moonlight.


Make sure you put the ruins at Uxmal on you “Must Do List”.

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  1. Blog is good reading . Thanks you two.Working on my travel blog brijaytravel.blogspot.co.nz
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    Hoping you might still be in Mexico

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Brian, it is very much appreciated.
      Oh what fun it would be to hook up again, do you realize we have been friends for 17 years?

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