The Tranquility That is Bocas del Toro

There is so much to be said about Bocas – our time here has been remarkable, magical and memorable!!


What seems to be most striking is the quiet that predominates our days. It is not quiet as in no sound,  the jungle is alive with birds, monkeys, frogs and more. It is a tranquility which has it’s own sound – more than just quiet. The pervasive silence sets the backdrop that allows the natural world to be truly heard. We hear with different ears, we see with new eyes and we smell with new noses. It is an awareness, an awe.

The morning after a rain, the aroma of jasmine is absolutely lush. It is as if standing  wrapped in the fragrance. Every time you look up there is something remarkable you hadn’t noticed the last time you looked. Did those brilliant red flowers just bloom, how could I have not seen them before?



We are certainly very spoiled as the property that we are caring for is a botanical wonder. It was carved out of a jungle hillside overlooking a Caribbean Bay. Toucans, parrots, monkeys, sloths, green frogs, red frogs and dolphins are all regular guests.  The jungle supplies us with fresh oranges for juice, lemons the size of softballs, four different varieties of bananas and pure organic cacao. (We are learning the value of cacao nibs as a super food).



Maybe some photos will help to illustrate what I can not seem to put into words. There are only so many adjectives for incredible.


















There are tiny communities scattered around this intricate archipelago. The inhabitants are here for each other when needed, yet forever at a distance. Visiting requires a boat trip and it is always WP (weather permitting). It is an intriguing mix of expats that are drawn to this lifestyle. They reside beside the natives that have made this region home for generations.

There is a definite spirit to the place!

The sense of being off the grid is very profound, we are  a long ways from any grid out here! This isn’t like going to the cottage for the weekend.


We are so absolutely fortunate because we are spending 6 weeks on a property that is the jewel of the area.

Check out their website to learn how organic cacao is produced:

Green Acres Chocolate Farm


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