Spectacular Beaches

Johanne and I know for a fact that we are beach people. Being Card Carrying Aquarians we need regular douses of sun and surf. A day ocean side is very well spent playing in and out of the water like kids on summer break.


Here are a few of our favourite spots:


IslaNicaragua 2016 074 Juan Venado 

If you are looking for deserted  that “NO OTHER FOOT PRINTS” experience, then here is how it find it.

Make your way to Las Penitas south of Poneloya and rent a kayaka. Paddle across the mouth of the laguna and come ashore at  Reserva Natural Isla Juan Venado. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the vastness  and undisturbed beauty. (pack a lunch because you may not want to leave).


The Corn Islands

The Corn Islands are a special place and well worth the effort to get here. Think small Caribbean Beaches with beautiful colours and warm soothing waters.


Playa Hermosa

Take the surfer shuttle from San Juan Del Sur, Hermosa is about 20 minutes South. We found this to be a place worth staying a few days.


DSC00186 - CopyOlon

Ecuador has some of the most breathtakingly magnificent beaches we have ever seen anywhere. Of course only if you are into endless miles of uninterrupted sand with the Pacific Ocean doing it’s thing and offering a joyful playground.




Nude Beach – Somewhere North of Montanita





We would love to hear about your favourite beaches, drop us a line.

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