San Miguel de Allende – A peak inside


Johanne and I are always curious as to what lies just beyond the many intriguing doors of the great colonial cities we visit.


The historical district of San Miguel de Allende, with it’s estimated 2,000 doors, offers us daily glimpses into what lies beyond. The city has lots of fine examples of Baroque colonial architecture, many of which have been restored to their former state. 



Of course the original purpose of the door was to keep the elements, both natural and human, on the other side. As time progressed and wealthy families moved in, the size the doors grew and detail became more elaborate.



Handcrafted ironwork and hewn wood were often used for doors and elaborate stone work formed the entrance. Additional ornamentation declared the social status of the occupants.


The fine detail on the brass knocks and hardware is marvelous.




The courtyards beyond the entries lend themselves nicely to modern uses. Enchanting restaurants, romantic hotels and galleries can be discovered with a closer look.


We have learned to politely ask:” Podemos mirar, por favor?” We are always welcomed to have a look around.



Just beyond the door would be an alcove where home owners would greet  visitors. Of course, first impressions would be critical. Entry ways were grand and would feature ornate light fixtures and furniture.



For us, it is the courtyard that is especially intriguing; the inner sanctuary where daily life would be played out.

You never know what is just beyond on a door.


Doors come in all shapes and sizes.

This one uses a bicycle chain ring for a knocker:DSCN1547

Of-course not every door has been lovingly cared for and there are always a project for those interested in a restoration !!


San Miguel de Allende is definitely worth a visit. Be certain to bring your camera and take a peek just beyond the door.


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5 thoughts on “San Miguel de Allende – A peak inside

  1. as a traveller I find it’s always, “what’s around that corner?” ……and thus explored, it’s then, “hey, I wonder what’s around that corner?”
    now to include, “hey, I wonder what’s behind that door…?

  2. Great perspective to showcase your new adventure! What is the population there, and how far is it from a major airport? Happy birthdays/anniversary!!

    1. Thanks for your comments Bev.
      The city is 4.5 hr north of Mexico City airport, but there is also an airport nearby in Leon. The bus service is absolutely first class and very regular.
      The population is approximately 200,000, and it is very walk-able.
      Come check it out.

  3. Lovely post guys! San Miguel de Allende looks lovely, and all the doors remind me of Grenada. We took a home tour while we were there and were amazed at the opulence behind those doors!

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