Nicaragua – The Soundtrack

This is a rather noisy place, full of rich sounds that are the inspiration for the latest record album of my imagination. Lay back close your eyes and we will give it a spin on the old turntable:


Nicaragua – The Soundtrack


The Local Bus – Several times a day it trumpets its arrival and departure with much fanfare and commotion. Only a rookie would miss the bus to town, just listen up and you will know when it is about to depart. Hop on and grab a seat if you can.

Canines- Five dogs reside on this property and their audio contribution only adds modestly to the overall neigbourbood canine chaos that can erupt at any time.

Mangos on Metal Roof- The Timpani arbitrarily booms whenever there is a gust of wind. Soon the mangoes will be ripe and will go directly to the breakfast smoothie.

The Beloved Wind- Whispering   through the bamboo and tall grass it announces the arrival of soothing relief from the heat of the day.

Exotic Birds- An intricate harmony that adds layers rich colours and texture to the song.

Frogs in Pila*- This is almost impossible to define, try to imagine techno ducks from Mars in an echo chamber. They preform daily between 5 and 11 PM in the rainy season. *Pila  a large concrete structure where rain water is collected for your shower.

The Magnificent Monkeys –From the volume of their deep guttural barks one would expect to see gargantuan apes hovering in the trees. Their mating calls echo around the crater randomly throughout the day frightening tourist and children alike. (When finally sighted they are not much bigger than a mature Canadian squirrel).

Mother and Baby

Mother and Baby

Cicadas and other Bugs- A cacophony of crackles, chirps and whistles that joyfully fill  the spaces in between. It makes you contemplate what is really out there under that cover.

Rolling Thunder Review– Off in the distance you can hear the rumble as they barrel roll up through the countryside to rattle your eardrums and shake your foundation. WHO fans insert: “We Won’t Get Fooled  Again”.

Silence- Those welcomed moments of eerie stillness that are interrupted only by the  subtle swaying of retirement hammock.From The hammock

I hope that you have enjoyed this musical adventure in Nicaragua.

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