Discovering Quintana Roo, Mexico

Although I have been in Mexico more than a dozen times I always find pleasant new surprises. It is a country so rich in history and interesting geography.

Currently we are vising Quintana Roo, the state that forms the eastern part of the Yucatan peninsula.



According to the guide books Chetumal was suppose to  be a place that was not worth visiting however Johanne and I found it to be most enjoyable. It is very safe and largely overlooked by the Cancun crowd.


Clean and quiet a wonderful malacon stretching for miles along the Caribbean shore.


How can you not love a place that  has a statue of Bob Marley?


Bacalar, Pueblo Magico is our next stop, a small town perched on an stunning fresh water laguna.


The laguna is 42 KMs long and fed from  below by two deep water cenotes.


Bacalar is rich with history from the days when pirates lurked in the mangroves raiding the Spanish settlements.

The Spanish built a fort here in the 1700’s which was later captured and held by Mayan rebels in the Caste Wars.





Great food and affordable accommodation are abundant.





Cenote swimming


We are very pleased that we took time to visit this often ignored corner of the peninsula.


joyful travellers

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